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How do I get my clients hair healthy, shiny and polished? Learn how you can do this to yours too!

Whether your hair is chemically damaged from colors and bleaching or it's just dry and in need of a good trim and hair mask, you can get your hair back to being healthy and easy to manage.

It's all in the tools and products you use!

I'm a bridal hairstylist and have been for the past 17 years so every week I'm at a new location with girls I've never worked with before. My job is to create polished, gorgeous hairstyles on them no matter what their hair looks like when I arrive. And trust me, I see it all! Every kind of hair cut, color, texture and style you can imagine. That being said I've learned which products and tools work best and to be honest I use these three products on almost every single persons hair I do so I want to share them with you.

This is them!

I'll quickly explain what they are and how to use them so you to can have gorgeous polished hair.

  1. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron (straightening iron). This brand is one of my favorite for hot tools. Their tools are incredible and last forever. I have 3 of these flat irons and I've had my oldest one for over 9 years and it still works perfectly. Keep the heat setting below 360 for most hair types! This is key. You don't want to burn or singe your hair with tools that are to hot! This flst iron reduces frizz, gives you a smooth polished look and uses negative ions which infuse the hair with moisture instead of drying it out. Grab yours here:

2. Kerastase Hair Oil.

This amazing hair oil nourishes and adds shine, a glorious scent and key ingredients for healthy hair. This is their anti-aging line and it's incredible. A little goes a very long way! Use sparingly.

Grab yours here:

3. KENRA Silkening Heat Crème.

This is my favorite styling and best protection crème. It works on all hair types, gives shine, heat protection and a light styling hold. I sometimes mix this with the Kerastase oil and it's a perfect blend of polish and protection.

Grab yours here:

Now how to use all of these for polished beautiful hair??

These products transform my clients hair every single time. They add much needed nutrients, protection and shine to otherwise dull and damaged hair. They're my favorite styling tools!

Enjoy and happy styling!

Xox- Rebecca

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