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5 reasons you NEED a hair trial before the wedding!

With 16 years of styling my brides I can honestly say a hair and makeup trial is essential to keeping stress low and spirits high on such a special day.

WHY should you do a trial before hand?

  1. Peace of Mind: Sometimes you fall in love with a hairstyle you see on another bride or on social media. Then you have the same style done on you and you it's nothing like you thought it would be. A hair trial allows you to see AND approve your chosen hairstyle before your wedding day, reducing day-of anxiety and ensuring you're going to LOVE the way you look.

  2. Meet your hairstylist and establish clear communication. Your hairstylist is the first vendor you see on the morning of your wedding so you want to make sure it's someone you jive with and it's someone who is going to be an asset on your wedding day and not someone who's going to be late or cause stress. Your hair trial provides an opportunity for clear communication to discuss preferences, expectations and to see your vision come to life. This is the time to discuss bridesmaids looks as well as your expectations for them, if any.

  3. Discover if your hair is able to do what you want it to. I get a ton of brides who show me gorgeous hairstyles but their hair is nothing like the photo they showed me. It's your hairstylists job to tell you if they're able to recreate the look on you. Many times it's a matter of adding clip-in hair extensions to achieve your desired look (and extensions help hold a curl really well btw!) So this is the time to figure out if you need hair extensions, hair fillers or any other tool to give you the look you want. Your hairstylist should also be able to chat hair color with you. Sometimes adding subtle lowlights or highlights allows the detail in your hairstyle to stand out or adds a highlight around your face. This is a good time to discuss all of that.

  4. Establish a timeline. Your trial is a great time to discuss your timeline with your hairstylist. You have an hour and half to chat so I recommend going over everything from the time they start to the time they leave and everything you expect in between. Depending on the number of girls needing services will determine their start time so I'd have that information handy.

  5. Try different veils and hair accessories! Many bridal hairstylists carry a line of beautiful bridal hair accessories and veils. If they have them on hand I would have your stylist put a few different hair pins in your hair so you can see what it will look like. It's amazing what a little hair jewelry does to a style. It completely finishes any look. If veils are on hand it's nice to try one on so you can see your whole look come together.

Your wedding is going to be a memorable and exciting day and you want to eliminate all stress so booking a hair trial before the big day is a must. You'll get a lot of questions answered and you'll feel relieved knowing you're going to LOVE the way you look.

Enjoy the process and make sure your fiancé takes you out for dinner afterwards so you can make use of having your hair/makeup done!

Cheers my sweet brides!

Xoxo -Rebecca

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Sufiyan Ashraf
Sufiyan Ashraf
Nov 22, 2023


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