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How to create volume on fine hair. 5 Simple steps to full, beautiful hair.

Girls laughing with pretty hair
Girls laughing with pretty hair

Do you have fine hair and you're struggling to get volume or any type of style out of it? Well then this is for you! For 17 years I've styled thousands of women for weddings and events and fine hair is still one of the most challenging hair types to work with so it deserves it's own blog post. I'm gping to teach you how to create volume in fine and thin hair.

Let's dive into the best products I use to give fine hair volume and grit, how to use them and where to buy them. For my curated list of EVERYTHING I love for fine hair please visit my Amazon storefront here:

*I may receive a small commission for select products listed however these products I've tried and tested and have used for many years on my clients. I hope you appreciate my recommendations and experience to bring you the best products out there.

Model with beautiful blonde hair
Good hair day

Tip #1 - Use the proper products! Take a peek into what I use and why. Create volume on fine hair.

Fine hair is unlike other hair types. You can't put too much product in it or it gets weighed down, oils and serums make it greasy and heavy or wet hair sprays leave the hair limp and a mess. So how do you create volume on fine hair? I've got you ladies! Your first step is using the right products for your hair type. Fine hair is so delicate and falls flat quickly so you have to build the volume with each product you use. The key tip is to use VERY LITTLE of each product. If you have short fine hair, use a pea to a dime size amount of styling product. If you have longer hair use a dime to a quarter size of the product.

Lets' start with shampoo & conditioner: Use something that is specifically for fine hair. Some I've used and love are:

OUAI Fine shampoo & conditioner set.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Shampoo.

Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo.

Oribe shampoo for magnificent volume.

Hair products for fine hair
Best Hair products

Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner starts the volumizing process. Fid one you love and one you feel really gives you a more full and thicker feeling. Once you find it, stock up!

Tip #2 - Now lets explore my favorite styling products!

After shampooing you have to add styling products. This is key to creating lasting volume in your fine hair. Styling products are just as important as your shampoo and conditioner. They give your hair texture and fullness, allowing your style to hold throughout the day. People are amazed when I do their hair for events and the style actually holds up for the entire day... Here are my next steps!

"I can't believe you got my hair to stay put all day. I've never had anyone be able to get lasting volume in my hair. Thank you so much..." – Jessica Stole (client)
Hair products for fine hair
Top hair products

Add a volumizing product to clean wet hair. You can add a mousse, a root volumizer or a hair thickener. If using mousse spray a dallop in your hand, run your hands together and run your hands through your hair from root to tip to distribute the product evenly. I love OBLIPHICA SEABERRY THICKENING MOUSSE. It smells heavenly, repairs your hair and gives gorgeous volume and hold. Grab your here:

If using a root volumizer, part your hair down the middle and spray the product directly on the roots. Some root volumizers foam and others do not. If it foams, work it into your roots. Part your hair along the sides several times and repeat the process. You can part in the back a few times and repeat.

If using a hair thickener these get sprayed right onto your hair from root to tip. Just a few sprays should do. You don't want to add too much product that it gets heavy and greasy so play around and see how much you feel your hair needs.

womens hair with product in it
Applying hair products

My Favorite Volumizing products to use before blow drying:

Obliphica Seaberry thickening mousse.

Color WOW Raise The Root.

Moroccan oil root boost

Kenra Paltinum Thickening Glaze

Tip #3 - Now let's Blow Dry!

Your hair's been washed and conditioned with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, now you have a volumizing mousse or some type of hair thickener and it's time to blow dry! I LOVE my Amika Hair Brush Dryer.

It gives me a ton of volume and allows me to brush and blow dry at the same time. The large brush allows you to curve the ends of your hair inward or outward. This is a great tool in achieving volume in fine hair.

a blowdryer and wand in one
Best hot tools
Blow dry hair brush
Best hot tools for hair

Using a regular blow dryer or drying curling iron is great to. If using a regular blow dryer I'd suggest using a round brush as you blow dry to really get volume at the root. If a round brush is to hard to coordinate while blow drying, use any type of brush. The wet Brush is amazing for detangling and blow drying.

Start by tipping your head upside down and brush your hair as you blow dry. Brush it all forward, then all to one side, and then all to the other side. This gives a ton of volume underneath. stand up straight and again brush all of your hair to one side and blow dry for a few minutes as you brush. Then flip it all over to the other side, brushing and blow drying. You'll notice you have lots of volume on the sides and in the back. Repeat the process until your hair is dry.

I love to take a big round brush or my Amika brush dryer and take the front bang section. Hold it straight up and wrap it around your round brush or Amika brush dryer. Blow dry. Let the warm air curl the hair slightly, take it out of the brush and curl it around your fingers and pin it up for a few minutes. Pinning it up allows the hair to cool while big and curled.

Women smiling while getting her hair styled
Pretty hair day

Tip #4 - Now add your dry Styling Products

red hair volumizer in a bottle
Hair product for fine hair

Now that you're hair is dry you should have some good volume all over, but how do you keep that volume? I'm going to spill my secrets!

I always add SEXY HAIR BIG POWDER PLAY to the roots. This amazing product adds GRIT and hold to your hair. It turns slippery, soft hair into voluminous hair that holds. It's a powder so part your hair on the sides and sprinkle a little on the root. Randomly part your hair along the sides and on top and sprinkle a little onto your roots. Rub your hands in your hair where you've sprinkled the product. You'll immediately feel the grit.

women getting her hair done
Getting glam

Tip #5 - My final step is a little teasing and finishing spray

A teasing brush for thin hair
Best brush

To ensure my style lasts for the day, I tease lightly with my teasing brush. Where do you want volume? If it's on the crown of your head than pick up 1" section of hair on the crown and lightly tease near the roots, then lay the hair back down and lightly brush over it to smooth the top without brushing out your volume. If you want volume on the sides than repeat the process for the sides. Grab Yours here: Teasing Brush

Kenra 25 hairspray in a can
Top hairspray

Your last step is to spray your hair with a dry, firm hold hairspray. The key is to use a DRY HAIRSPRAY. If your hairspray is to wet, it will flatten your hair and leave it looking wet and sloppy. My absolute favorite dry hairspray with firm hold is KENRA 25 SPRAY.

It holds your style without weighing it down or making your hair sticky. Juts a light spray will do.

a women excited about her hairstyle
Loving her look

In Closing

And that's is how I create lasting volume in fine and thin hair on my clients. Your products and tools matter so be sure to use the right ones. If you'd like to see my curated list of my favorites, visit me here!

If you've tried what I recommend, leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you.

My blogs are here to inform and inspire so happy styling and many blessings!



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