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4 easy steps to getting your best wedding hair. Read on for healthy hair tips.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Do you want gorgeous, healthy hair for your wedding day? Shiny, soft and manageable? Well you're in luck! Here are my easy 4 go-to steps to achieve all of that and more. I'm Rebecca Mousseau and I've been providing hair and makeup services to my brides for 16 years. The prettiest hair I've worked with over the years is hair that is in optimal condition-meaning healthy, frizz-free and polished. Read on to see how you can have beautiful wedding day hair too.

Step 1

Get regular trims! I know this sounds counter-productive when you're trying to grow your hair out for your wedding but one of the best things you can do is trim your hair. Split and fried ends need to be trimmed off in order for your hair to grow it's healthiest. Think of a braided cord...when it's frayed and unraveling there are loose ends and stray pieces flying about. It looks dry, frizzy and unruly. When the cord is wrapped up neatly and braided, it's polished, tight and structured. This is what your hair strand looks like when it's split and


Trim your hair for optimal wedding hair
Wedding hair trim

Once it's cut off, the ends are blunt and healthy again. Even if you do a light dusting of your ends to keep them healthy and split-end free, your overall style will look so much better. Healthy hair looks 100% better in any style than unhealthy hair. You'll have less fly-aways, less dullness and less uneven strands poking out of your updo or long curls. I suggest getting your final trim one month before the wedding.


Step 2

Hair Masks and conditioning treatments. This is my favorite step in creating beautiful, healthy locks and anyone can do this at home or at the salon. I love creating DIY hair masks at home but you can find great treatments at the salon as well. For a few months leading up to your wedding day, I'd suggest doing a hair mask once a week. Hair masks add needed moisture, keratin and proteins to keep your looking and feeling it's best. When hair is dry and dull, it's hard to comb through

often leading to breakage. Once you start giving your hair regular treatments you'll notice the difference right away. It's more manageable, shiny, healthy and easier to style. Some of my favorite hair masks are listed below for every budget!

If you want to get creative, grab ingredients from your cabinet like coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado and tea tree oil. #weddinghairgoals #healthyhair

My favorite treatments and masks!

Links to the above products here:

It's a Ten Hair Mask -

Moroccan Hair Mask -

Obliphica Seaberry Mask -

Pantene Keratin Miracles -


Step 3

Leave in Conditioners. This step is vital to creating healthy long-lasting hair. #Leaveinconditioners fill porous and frizzy ends throughout the day and help keep fading and dryness at bay. When leave-in conditioners are applied (do this when you just get out of the shower and your hair's still wet,

then comb through and blow dry) they act like a coating on your hair. They fill any dry porous areas on the hair strand and help protect against heat and hot tools, sun damage and environmental stresses. They strengthen the hair shaft, help with fly-aways and frizz all while keeping your hair shiny and smooth. I use it's a ten leave in conditioner almost every day.

Grab yours here:



Step 4

Gloss! Having a color gloss or clear gloss done on your hair is the last step in ensuring your cuticles are sealed and your hair looks it's best. Glosses can be done at the salon and they aren't

nearly as harsh on your hair as regular colors and bleach. They coat the hair shaft, sealing each cuticle leaving your hair shiny and manageable. Color glosses revive your color and remove any dullness leaving a rich brilliant color. If you don't normally color your hair you can opt for a #cleargloss which does all of the above without adding any color.

I'd suggest doing this one week before your wedding day. #shinyhairtips

Your wedding day is that one day you want to look your absolute best and following our tips will help you achieve your desired results. We've been providing hairstyling and makeup services for 16 years, always giving tips and advice to our clients on how to have gorgeous wedding day hair.

Stay tuned for more wedding blog fun to come!

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