Event Hairstyling                $150.00

Event Makeup Application   $150.00

Light Makeup Application    $110.00

(senior clients)

*Group bookings               $125.00 each

(5 or more services)

Bridal Hairstyling               $350.00

Bridal Makeup Application  $350.00

Bridal Consultations            $200.00+/service

(For onsite bridal service rates please send us an email on our contact page)

Try our ALL NATURAL hair growth serum,

loved by our clients; feed your scalp something good.


Enjoy an invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo to rid your locks of dirt and oil, followed by a ten minute scalp massage with relaxing natural oils. An assortment of deep conditioning treatments are applied for stressed and problematic hair. *Add a blow dry & style to any treatment for $25.00.

Blonde Revive

After our invigorating shampoo, a second blonde enhancing shampoo is applied and massaged in to help cut brassiness. A blonde conditioner is massaged onto ends and a rejuvenating conditioner is massaged into the scalp with natural oils. Hair is wrapped to allow treatment to penetrate. Your hair is left feeling healthy, revived and icy blonde. $38.00

Ten Minute Miracle Repair  $38.00

After an invigorating shampoo your locks are soaked in a miracle deep conditioning treatment that helps repair ten different hair problems. Infused with Lavender oil, a scalp massage follows this 20 minute treatment. 

Dry Hair Fix

After our invigorating shampoo, our house blend of coconut oil, essential oils and conditioners are applied from mid-shaft to ends with a relaxing scalp massage. Hair is wrapped for 20 minutes to allow treatment to penetrate. Your hair is left feeling hydrated, revived and shiny. $32.00

Damage Repair

After our invigorating shampoo, Olaplex Treatment is applied  and massaged into hair ends. Hair is wrapped allowing it to penetrate and then rinsed with a relaxing scalp massage.  $38.00

Shine Enhancer

A sugar scrub is done to polish locks and rid scalp and hair of dead cells and debris. It's followed by our house-made Aloe and coconut mask. Hair is left noticeably shinier, healthier and lustrous.   $32.00

Tape-in Extensions


Clip-in Extensions

The perfect more permanent solution to long, beautiful hair.

Allow your natural hair to grow while you wear our luxurious tape-in  extensions. Hair is matched up and our signature, custom blended colors are applied to create a natural look. Investment $400 - $1,000

Tape-in Application $145.00      1 hr

This is for clients without tape-in's already in their hair, who have their own tape-in extensions and need them put in. Please arrive with clean dry hair and the proper placement of your extensions is applied followed by a trim to blend them and a style.

Tape-in Move up $400.00    3 hrs

This is a lengthy process but it's done right so you can enjoy your extensions for months to come. Grown out extensions are removed, new tape is applied and they are put back in your hair. We finish off with a gorgeous trim to blend and a style!

Tape-in Removal $225.00    1 hr

Old extensions are removed and a deep invigorating wash is done to your natural hair to remove residue. A blow out and style is then done. This doesn't include putting them back in.

These beautiful 100% human hair extensions come in an array of colors with durable clips and premium quality hair With lengths from 12-24 inches, their everything you want for that special occasion or a night out.

Each set comes with 7-9 wefts (enough to cover your entire head), our beautiful storage box to keep them safe and care/application instructions.

12" - $165.00

14" - $185.00

16" - $210.00

18" - $265.00

20" - $295.00

22" - $335.00

24" - $385.00

*$110.00 for extensions application and one on one instruction as well as the hairstyle of your choice. 1st time extension buyers only.


Sun kissed & Golden is our thing!

Offering hand sprayed tans for men and women, bridal parties and every day clients. Using the leading products and equipment, we're all about a glowing tan without the streaks.   Hand sprayed tans $55.00. 

Thursday & Friday SPECIAL $40.00

Exfoliate + hydrate before your tan with our ALL NATURAL Orange + Coconut Coffee Body Scrub


Ms. LadyLash herself has joined our lounge to offer our clients unmatched service! She is an International Lash Artist who's talent is admired and appreciated. She started the lash craze years ago on celebrities and socialites offering faux mink lashes and add-on swarovski crystals for sparkle lashes. In her own words "Lashes should look and feel completely natural. A great set of seamless lashes can lift and change the shape of your eyes. It's like getting a non-surgical eye lift!!


Recommended every 2-4 weeks

Must have 50% of lashes remaining

1 week        $50.00

2 weeks       $75.00

3 weeks       $85.00

4 weeks       $100.00+

Lash Removal        $50.00

(Lash removal will be credited toward a new classic set for new clients.)

The Partial lash    1 hr $150.00

Add end lashes to create the perfect cat-eye. Approx 30 lashes per eye. Great for a little pick-me-up when a full set isn't desired.

Classic Set     1.5 hrs $200.00

A full set of faux mink lashes with a natural look that gives them something to wonder about. 60-100 lashes per eye.

On Location

Lash Application    $450.00+

Touch ups            $200.00

*For production, private appointments and travel, please call the lounge.

Eye Candy Add-on's

Subtle Highlights            $25.00

Full Color Highlights        $50.00

Swarovski Lash Crystals    $25.00

Lash Tinting                    $40.00



Your visit starts with a steamed lavender oil press as your artist will discusses the benefits and process  A combination of Essential oils are massaged onto the skin after the procedure. Brows are then filled with pencil and highlighted so you leave with a full, perfect brow! 

$25.00 (20 minutes)

Save $10.00 on 2 services booked!


Get a fuller brow with our leading salon brow color. 

Applied with precision, your brows will appear fuller and more shaped after your tint. Brow artists finish your service off with a lavender oil balm to seal in color and moisturize brow area.


Save $10.00 on 2 services booked!

Microblading/Powder Brows

*Includes 6 week touch up with Brow Specialist Irina 

Reshape thinning brows to create a natural, youthful appearance. Shading or microblading can be done to enhance your own shape or create an entirely new brow shape.

Initial visit includes your consultation, measuring and microblading. Please allow 2.5 hours. Your touchup happens 6 weeks later and takes about 1-1.5 hours.

By appointment only. 30% deposit is taken at time of booking. Cancellations less than 24 hours will not receive their deposit back. $499.00


Dermaplaning (30 minutes)   $80.00
Dermaplaning is a safe facial exfoliation that removes the dead skin and peach fuzz that naturally traps dirt and oils. The treatment is pain-free and will instantly give you smoother, softer and radiant skin. Our hydrating mask is then applied to add moisture and plump your skin. Your face will instantly feel hydrated, bright, radiant and smooth.

European Facial (60 minutes)   $100.00​
This facial offers a powerful and effective treatment. It addresses areas of concern while still being gentle and mild. It includes a skin consultation, a gentle cleansing wth exfoliation, ultrasonic skin scrubber, deep extraction in combination with LED light therapy. Skin is left feeling soft and supple while pores are minimized leaving you refreshed and glowing.


LED Acne Treatment   (60 minutes)   $115.00
This specialized facial is perfect for reducing blemishes, closing pores and soothing
inflammation. LED Light therapy helps eliminate bacteria that causes acne and redness.
Extractions and a clarifying clay mask finish this facial off. It rids the skin of excess oils and
stimulates circulation.


BRIDES! Ask about our pre-wedding facials for glowing skin.

Anti Aging Treatment  (90 minutes)   $145.00​A favorite among returning clients, this powerhouse facial transforms your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and exfoliating. Packed with a triple cleansing that includes high frequency light and dermaplaning as well as a personalized, skin-specific mask. Your skin will instantly feel hydrated, bright, radiant and beyond beautiful as your mind and body relaxes.

BackFacial  (60 minutes)  $95.00Don’t forget your back! This treatment includes the same steps as a facial, clearing upblackheads and exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin. Perfect for anyone with back acneor to have radiant skin for that backless dress or bikini!​

Add on to any treatment:

Collagen Eye Mask $10

High Frequency          $15

Microdermabrasion     $20

Herbal Peel                $25

Microcurrent               $30

Dermaplaning             $50



413 S Federal Highway,

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435


The Lift  Facial (75 minutes)  $160.00
The ultimate anti-aging and lifting Facial treatment. Microcurrent is used to re-educate the muscles by smoothing lines and lifting jowls while  providing better overall muscle tone. This treatment includes our signature cleanse, exfoliation and anti-aging mask.(no extractions). A series of treatments is recommended for best results. Your left with youthful, supple skin as skin
tone improves with each treatment.

Micro-Needle Infusion Therapy (60 min)
Package of 3 treatments $499.00
One time service $180.00

Micro-needling is a collagen-stimulating treatment, great for skin rejuvenation.The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.Micro-needling increases the production of collagen and other healing factors by causing light trauma to the skin.Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with
a firm and smooth texture.
A skin pen is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, pore size, skin texture,brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

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