This stunning jewelry set is so unique and beautiful. Custom made for one of our brides it's now a staple set in our collection. This bracelet and earring set adds a touch of romance and beauty to any outfit whether you're going to a wedding or any type of event. It's very unique and draws the eye with it's sparkling Swarovski crystals and sheer silk fabric. Very comfortable to wear with its easy-open magnetic clasp.


Measures the standard 7" diameter and can be customized to fit your wrist. The earrings dangle about 2" and sparkle as light touches them. The rhinestone leaves make for the perfect "wow" accessory. 


Bracelet can be customized to 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8"


This set is available for rent for 5 days including shipping and handling to and from your location for $165.00</