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"Are Hair Extensions a Must-Have for Your Wedding Day?"

Updated: Jun 10

With 17 years of styling my brides hair for the biggest day of their life, the one question I get asked at almost every consultation is "Do you think I need hair extensions?"

I'm going to break it down for you so that you understand why we use them and which #hairstyles and hair type they will benefit the most. I'll spill my secret on the brand I use, where to purchase them and why I love them.

I will say, hair extensions are a game changer! They allow us as artists to create almost any #hairstyle you can dream up, ensuring it looks full, polished and perfect. The best part is they're not just for brides, 1 in every 5 bridesmaids wears hair extensions too and I'm all for it!


Bride and her bridesmaids laughing

Photos by Chris Joriann Photography


What do hair extensions do? #weddinghairextensions provide the following:

  1. Extra length for hairstyles that are down, half up, one sided or for an updo. Sometimes you need the extra length in an updo to allow for tendrils hanging down or to make it look like a nice full updo. Hair extensions can give you a little length (1-2 inches) or a lot of length (2-12 inches).

  2. Fullness! They provide the fullness we need to create hairstyles that won't look limp and thin. Extensions can again be used in both up styles and down style to give the look of full, thick hair. This is especially useful for people who have fine or thin hair. You may have long hair but if it's not thick, your hairstyle may look see-through and sparse. This is especially true for the mother of the bride too. As we get older our hair tends to thin out so adding hair extensions in the same length and color as your hair will give you natural looking fullness and volume.

  3. Highlights or lowlights - This is where you can get #creative and add a slight color change or a bold color change to your hair color. By adding hair extensions that are a few shades lighter or darker than your natural hair, you'll get instant high lights or low lights without the damage of using hair color!

Grab your Hair Extensions here and use code: LX-REBECCAM for $20 off!


Who #benefits from hair extensions the most?

Through 17 years of providing bridal hairstyling I've witnessed that those with thin and fine hair benefit from hair extensions the most. It instantly gives them the feeling of having full, luscious locks and self confidence. They no longer feel their hair is thin and "see-through" as most of my clients describe it. That being said however, extensions can benefit anyone. It's an instant transformation and when you look great, you feel confident and excited and that's what hair extensions do for so many of my clients.

A bride getting her hair done with extensions

Benefits of Hair Extensions?

  • Low Maintenance

  • Confidence Boost

  • Concealment of hair issues

  • Instant Transformation

  • Length

  • Volume

  • Versatility

  • Color Enhancement

  • Ability to curl

  • Ability to color them

Grab your Hair Extensions here and use code: LX-REBECCAM for $20 off!


A bride with long hair
Stunning Bridal Hair

Hair extensions aren't just for the #bride. They can be used by #bridesmaids and the #motherofthebride as well. They're easy and quick to put in and take out and they come in every length and color under the sun!

What type of Hair Extensions do I use?

Extensions come in many different techniques and ways to put them in whether you want semi-permanent (they last 2-4 months then get taken out and reapplied for another 2-4 months), or event-only hair extensions.

My go-to for my brides and event clients are clip-in (Event Hair extensions).

#Clipin hair extensions allow you to put them in and take them out in about 10 minutes. They're used mainly for events and special occasions as they're not ideal to wear daily. They have small clips that are attached and can easily be clipped into your natural hair undetectable. They're the perfect solution to getting a full glam #ponytail, a full updo or a down style. Brides can then use them for their #rehearsal night and #honeymoon as well as all #wedding #festivities. A good set of clip-in hair extensions will last you for years with proper care and they come at a reasonable price tag.


Where do I buy mine and what brand do I use?

I've searched high and low for a premium quality brand and I'm so happy I found #LuxyHair !

Not all hair extensions are made the same and it's important that you know which brands are going to be your best selection due to quality, customer service and price.

Quality is my number one concern. If the quality isn't there, your extensions will melt on hot tools, frizz and literally fall apart. For me, Luxy Hair has been a dream. They offer 100% human hair extensions and their SEAMLESS or CLASSIC COLLECTIONS are my top picks.

Luxy Hair Extension Benefits:

  • 100% Human Hair - (this is especially important because if they are not made with human hair you cannot curl, blow dry or use any type of hot tools on the hair). I actually had a client choose to purchase extensions on her own instead of the ones I suggested and she called me in tears because she tried to curl her extensions and they melted in her hair so she was stuck with melted plastic matted to her hair that had to be cut out.

  • They have a Bridal Collection

  • They are thick and come with 10 wefts instead of the standard 7 wefts.

  • They come in solid and highlighted colors

  • They last a lifetime with proper care

  • You can try them on virtually

  • Quality is top notch

  • Customer service is impeccable

before picture of edding hair extensions
wedding hair extensions

Long wedding hair with hair extensions
Long wedding hair

Real Luxy Hair Extensions Before & After

Grab your Hair Extensions here and use code: LX-REBECCAM for $20 off!

Overall hair extensions offer a convenient and effective way to achieve various hairstyles and enhance your overall appearance. They're a great way to add length and fullness while getting the bridal hairstyle of your dreams. They are undetectable and look so natural that people won't even know you have them in. Happy Hairstyling ladies!

Long bridal hair in the wind
Bride and groom on beach


If you'd like to hire Rebecca as your wedding day hairstylist, she has hair extensions on hand for you to try on at your bridal consultation. She then matches you up and orders the perfect set for you. Contact her here for wedding day rates.

About the Author: Rebecca is a highly acclaimed Bridal Hairstylist known for the elevated experience she brings her brides and her unmatched skill to create glamorous and gorgeous hairstyles. Rebecca resides in South Florida and services Florida brides and destination weddings.

Follow her on social here!

*Rebecca may receive a small compensation fee for her referrals.


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