Our all natural recipe of essential oils and witch hazel strengthens your strands and cleans your scalp for better hair growth.

Made with essential oils of LAVENDER (stimulates hair growth, antimicrobial, calms skin inflammation, detracts head lice), GERANIUM (helps mediate sebum production and balances the scalps PH to encourage healthy hair growth), and ROSEMARY (anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, prevents dandruff and itchy scalp, soothes, norishes).


Aside from smelling heavenly, our detangler and hair growth spray adds vital nutrients to help with healthy hair growth and clean scalp. It's perfect for adult and kids alike who don't want the chemicals of regular brand products. Our formula adds shine, luster and vitality while aiding in healthy hair growth. It's non-toxic and chemical free.

4oz glass spray bottle in cobalt blue for longevity of the product. 

Hair Growth & Detangler Spray

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