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Top affordable wedding shoes for every style and budget and where to buy them.

Bride holding her wedding shoes
Wedding Accessories

Looking for the perfect wedding day shoe? Here I spill my curated list for affordable wedding day shoes that my brides have worn recently. From flats to heels to running shoes and everything in between you'll love my top picks... let's go!

wedding day heels and sneakers
Trending wedding shoes

My overall top pick for wedding shoes is obviously heels. They're elegant and beautiful and add a sense of romance and glam to any look. Whether its's for your rehearsal or the wedding day there are so many fun styles and colors. To wear a chunky heel or stiletto is the question; Consider the ground you'll be walking on most of the day. If it's in the grass you may opt for a chunky heel so your not sinking into the ground. If it's on the beach, sandals or a flats might be best. In a ballroom, any type of heel is perfect. Here are a few of my favorite heels:

different wedding day shoes
Different bridal shoe ideas

To shop the above shoes and see my full collection of bridal shoes click here


One of my favorite brands for affordable wedding shoes is Badgley Mischka. They range in price from $70-$300. My brides seem to love this brand and their selection doesn't disappoint.

They're adorned with crystals, rhinestones, pearls or satin and they look stunning with every wedding gown.

Badgley Mischka heels
Blue wedding heels

One of my personal favorites from the brand is their KIARA heel. I LOVE these heels especially because they come in an array of trending colors instead of just white.

Tip: Wear your "something blue" on your feet!

One thing my brides have said is these heels tend to stick to the bottom of their dress and caused pulling and snagging. I'd recommend these with a short dress or for your rehearsal. Shop the KIARA heel here


Bridal Sneakers!

A trend I've been seeing a lot of is super cute and blinged out Bridal sneakers. My brides often change into sneakers and a fun short gown for their reception. Most times I pull their hair up in a messy updo or a glam ponytail and they're ready to party the night away.

Some brides opt for blinged out sneaks and others get custom sneakers made with initials, their wedding date or a sentimental message on them. When it comes to sneakers you can pay a little or a ton! I've seen my bride with custom Louboutin sneakers and other with sneakers they've blinged up themselves. There's something for every style and budget!

Trending wedding day sneakers in different styles
Bridal sneakers


Flats & Sandals

Some of my brides have opted for flats or sandals on their wedding day. This is a great choice if you're not used to walking in heels, you have foot problems, you'll be on the beach or in an outdoor setting where the ground is uneven. Flats are more comfortable than heels and they have so many cute styles now that it's an easy alternative to heels. Flats are also great when the bride is the same height or taller than the groom as heels add an extra 1-3 inches.

My brides also change into flat or sandals before entering the reception. They're the perfect "second shoe" for your wedding day.

Tip: Make sure that whichever sandal or flat you choose won't snag or grab your dress as your walking and dancing. Some rhinestone shoes, as pretty as they are, tend to snag on your dress.

an assortment of wedding day sandals for the bride
Bridal sandals

My curated list of my top picks for bridal sandals is here! Take a peek here.


Chunky Heels

Chunky heels have gained popularity over the past few wedding seasons and for a good reason. First they're trendy and they're more comfortable than heels or stilettos. A nice chunky heel is easier to walk and stand in, leaving your feet less sore and fatigued than traditional wedding heels.

They're perfect for outdoor weddings and walking in grass, pebbles or sand. They also come in different heel heights from 1/4 inch to 4 inches. Take a peek at my chunky heel picks here

The best thing about each one of us is that we're all unique and our styles differ from each other. That's what makes every wedding I have the pleasure of serving, so much fun, special and personal. Every bride puts her personal touches on her wedding and when it comes to your shoes, gown and accessories, it's going to be uniquely you, no matter what you decide to wear. So have fun with it! Wear the gorgeous shoes, pick the perfect scent and make your wedding day uniquely yours!

xox - Rebecca

A bride walking with class and style
Luxury bride

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Happy wedding planning ladies!

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