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COMING SOON! Wedding Business Courses!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A place where hair and makeup artists learn step by step instruction on how to grow their business and book more brides!! From just starting out to expanding your company, Rebecca teaches you everything she's learned over the past 16 years in Luxury Bridal Beauty.

Her business courses help you get unstuck, give you clarity on where you are and where you want to be with exact measures on how to get there. It's time to stop running your business like a hobby and run it like a boss. Stake your claim in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Learn how to create wedding hairstyles and run your business like a boss.
Wedding hair classes

The best online business courses for aspiring hair & makeup artists!

Video recordings that explain and walk you through each lesson are vital to your growth and expansion in the wedding beauty industry. Rebecca takes her 16 years of knowledge and experience to bring you fresh, easy to follow courses that expand your thinking and help you grow your client base. Her business courses guide you from beginner to intermediate and then advanced lessons. Her lessons include how to network to create relationships that send you clients to creating a winning website, business cards and templates. You will learn how to automate emails and messages to save you time, know what to have on your contract, help you see your vision of where you are and where you want to be and so much more.

Rebecca's business courses cover everything she has faced in the past 16 years with real stories and guides. You'll learn how to increase your rates and value, work for yourself and charge what your worth!


Learn how to create wedding hair styles with our wedding hair classes.
Wedding hair

TUTORIALS!! Learn how to create gorgeous looks on any bride and build your confidence while you do it. Rebecca's tutorials are unmatched as she walks you through her techniques and discusses the products and tools she uses and why. Each video is explained so you really grasp the technique. Learn wedding hair tips, techniques and styles. Wedding hair classes coming soon!

Become a highly paid Bridal hairstylist while elevating your brand and business with our Beauty Business Courses!

Elevate your brand and learn from the best.
Wedding hair classes

Sign up for our early bird specials and launch specials today!

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